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Gifts of Real Estate

Your Planning Need

You would like to make a significant gift to the Friends of the Monmouth County Park System, but do not have cash on hand – you do, however, have highly appreciated real property.

Our Gift Solution

Make a Gift of Real Estate to the Friends of the Parks. Please contact the Friends’ office to ensure that your gift reflects both your philanthropic goals as well as the need of the Monmouth County Park System.


  • Receive charitable income tax deduction based upon the property’s full fair market value
  • Avoid capital gains tax on the property’s appreciation
  • You will not have to sell the property on your own

Ways to make Gifts of Real Estate:

  • Outright Gift- Deed the property to the Friends of the Parks.
  • Retained Life Estate- Deed the property to the Friends of the Parks, but retain the right to remain in your home (or vacation home, etc.) for the balance of your lifetime. Show me an example .
  • Charitable Remainder Trust- Transfer the property to a remainder trust upon which time it will be sold, and the proceeds will be reinvested to generate income.
  • Charitable Lead Trust- Income-producing real property may be placed in a lead trust. The income goes to the Friends of the Parks for a fixed number of years and afterwards full ownership is transferred to your heirs.
  • Partial Interest Gift - You may deed an “undivided fractional interest” to the Friends of the Parks. When the property is sold, the proceeds will be shared proportionally by the Friends of the Parks and any other partial interest holders.
  • Bequests- Any of the above methods may be accomplished through your will or living trust.

For more information, please contact:

Maria Wojciechowski   
Executive Director
Friends of the Parks
P.O. Box 686
Lincroft, NJ 07738-0686
Tel: 732-842-4000, ext. 4332